Show Musical
November 2016
Motivo Tango
October 2015
Destino Arrabal
June 2013
Tango BA
August-September 2012
Vamos por mas Tango
August 2012
Destino Arrabal
July 2011
En buena compañía
May 2011
De donde viene mi voz
November 2010
Zeide Shike
August 2010
Volver cafe cultural
September 2008
Volver cafe cultural
September 2008
The Ashdod Symphonic Orchesta


  • Club del vino | September
    IWO | Octubre

  • Lanzamiento de CD “Aromatango” 2000.

  • Gobierno de la ciudad "Día Nacional. del Tango" | Diciembre
    Radio Nacional "La fonola" | Noviembre
    Taconeando (Ciclos)
    Esquina Homero Manzi "Osvaldo Martín" | Octubre

  • AMIA September 2003
    Teatro Melico Salazar (Costa Rica) August 2003
    Lanzamiento “Tango y Luz” en la Trastienda 2003

  • AMIA septiembre
    Centro Cultural Recoleta agosto
    Teatro Melico Salazar (Costa Rica) agosto
    Lanzamiento “Tango y Luz” en la Trastienda 2003

  • La Trastienda | Julio
    AMIA - Distinción a Zully al merito | Diciembre
    Clásica y Moderna | Diciembre
    Comunidad Letamid | Diciembre
    Teatro Coliseo “Raíces”| Noviembre
    Hipódromo Argentino Salón Tattersal | Agosto
    Hotel Conrad (Uruguay) | enero 2004
    Club del vino "Mujeres amigas del vino"

  • Club del Vino | Julio
    Centro Cultural San Martin Sala A, Espectáculo "Raices" | Julio Lambroth Hakol “Tango y Luz” | Agosto

  • Pigmalion | Marzo
    Club del Vino | Junio
    Moisesville, Santa Fe | Agosto
    Plaza Armenia, Rosh Hashana Urbano | Septiembre
    Almatango | Noviembre
    Almatango | Diciembre

  • Teatro Diego Torres (Cordoba) | Abril
    Café Homero | Septiembre
    Café Homero | Ocutbre

  • Café Homero | Mayo
    Café Homero | Junio
    El Vesubio | Agosto
    Canada Enwave Theatre, Toronto, Canada | 31 de Agosto
    Harbour Front Centre, Montreal, Canada | 1 de Septiembre
    “Volver cafe Culturel” Montreal | Septiembre
    Teatro Sindicato de Luz y Fuerza (Rosario) | Octubre
    Festival Ashkenaz de la canción donde presento su CD de “Tangos en yiddish” y representó a su país (Argentina) con tangos rioplatenses.

  • Zeide Shike| Abril
    Le Dor va Dor | Diciembre

  • Festival Furth (Alemania)| 14 de Marzo
    Auditorium Rami Naim Ashdod (Israel), presensación con la Orquesta Sinfónica de Ashdod dirigida por Ronen Nisan de su disco de tangos Rio Platenses “Ciudad de Nostalgia” 21 de Julio
    Cantante invitada por el Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires para participar del ciclo “La noche de los Museos” | 13 de Noviembre
    Artista invitada en la obra “Zeide Shike”, presentada en el Velma café de mayo a November del corriente año.
    Velma Cafe “Zeide Shike”.
    Participo como Artista invitada en el Desfile “Mujeres en la Historia”, realizado en October en el Hotel Alvear.

  • Espectaculo en Buena compañia, Cafe Vinilo | Mayo
    Destino Arrabal Velma Cafe | Julio y Agosto
    Zully en Concierto - Ieladeinu | September

  • Premio Nacional Reina del Plata (Hotel Bauen) | Julio
    Vamos Tango - Sio | 25 de Agosto
    Tango BA - Vema Café | August y Septiembre
    Destino Arrabal | October

  • Pista Urbana | Julio
    La Peña del colorado | Agosto
    La Paila | Septiembre

  • Dorian Teatro Bar
    Le Dor va Dor

  • Lamroth Hakol
    Participacion en documental Monumento a la Shoa


  • Mi Espacio (2016)

    “Mi Espacio” Has to do with feelings of my life in which I express myself through the songs I choose, for their music and lyrics. For the sensitivity that plays in each of the phrases that mobilize me and the people around me ...

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  • De Donde Viene Mi Voz (2008)

    Tangos in Yiddish. Tango of ghettos. Tangos of love lost forever, immigrants who came to Argentina to join orchestras and found shelter in a dreamland ...

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  • Ciudad de Nostalgia (2006)

    Tangos riverplatenses. Title inspired by one of the themes whose music and lyrics was composed by his son Diego Goldfarb. Zully says: "Ciudad de Nostalgia" sums up everything I feel deep inside me, my city, my nostalgia, my people.

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  • Zully canta en Idish (2005)

    Direction and arrangements of Cesar Lerner. The feeling of the Yiddish achieves a rapprochement with the people and the possibility of reviving a past to be better today. This work is magically embodied in his songs that manage to move in a special way.

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  • Tango y Luz (2003)

    Director and arrangements by Oscar De Elia. Its history, its own culture, its choice of life and the tango, are framed like the light to illuminate a future that she makes present from any scene or from this record, leaving nothing of the past aside.

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  • Aromatango (2000)

    Launched at the end of 2000, directed and arranged by Norberto Vogel, with a neat and intelligent selection of traditional works that recreate with naturalness.

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Destino Arrabal
Tango BA
Cafe Vinilo
Destino Arrabal
Destino Arrabal prensa
Zeide Shike
Club del vino
La Trastienda





Your journey over the years

Zully Goldfarb was born in the City of Buenos Aires and from a young age she discovered her passion for music. It grew up between those tangos and typical Jewish songs in Idish that his family listened to by those times and that, years later, would mark his way like professional singer.

In 1999 he released his first CD "Mano a Mano con el Tango", with the participation of Osvaldo Burucuá on guitar, Fabián Adell on piano and Gustavo Paglia in bandoneon. A year later, he recorded "Aromatango", under the musical direction of Norberto Vogel.

In 2003, he released "Tango y Luz", directed by Oscar De Elia. There he played a version of "Je te dirai" -a song that Carlos Gardel sang alongside Kalikian Gregor's orchestra in 1931- and included "Friling" and "Papirosn", two standards of Jewish music in Idish.

In 2004 and 2005 he presented "Tango y Luz" in Costa Rica and Uruguay, respectively, alongside Pablo Saclis on piano, Omar Massa in bandoneon and Gerardo Scaglione in double bass. In that period, he edited "Zully sings in Idish" with traditional songs in that language and under the direction of César Lerner and later this material would be shaped in the show "Raíces", a conjunction of tangos River Plate and traditional Jewish music, accompanied by Fifteen people on stage. "Roots" was presented in theaters Coliseo, Cervantes and San Martín.

In 2008 she was the only Argentinean to participate in the Ashkenaz Festival of the song performed in the city of Toronto, Canada, where she presented her album "Whence comes my voice".

In 2010 she participated as a guest artist at the closing of the Klezmer Furth Festival, which took place in Germany. That same year, it was convened by the director of the Ashdod Symphony Orchestra, Ronen Nisan, to unveil their new Yiddish CD "Whence My Voice" at the Rami Naim Auditorium in Ashdod, Israel.

Participated in the cycle "The Night of Museums", 2010 edition, invited by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. She was guest artist in the work "Zeide Shike" and in the "Women in History" Parade.

In 2011, she presented her first musical "Destino Arrabal" at the Velma Café, directed by Maxi Bartfeld, accompanied by Pablo Saclis in piano and as musical director, Omar Massa in bandoneon, Gerardo Scaglione in double bass, in addition to dancers on stage and with All the good taste and the elegance that characterizes it. In "Destino Arrabal", Zully Goldfarb transmits to the public, with its particular style and its imprint, its roots and identity well shaped in a great selection of subjects that relate the history of the piringundines of the German cabaret to the Tanguería Buenosairean. She then performed the Tango BA show at the Velma café in August and September 2012, participated as a guest artist in the central night of the collective fairs organized by the Municipality of Morón and in October presented again her show Destino Arrabal in the Theater 25 de Mayo that was a success.

In 2014 she performed in various venues. In July at Pista Urbana, August at the Pena del Colorado and September at La Paila.

During 2015 she continued performing accompanied by her original band. She performed at Dorian Teatro Bar and participated in a charity event for Le Dor va Dor on many occasions. She continued her charity performances in 2016 at Lamborth Hakol Community Center.

Zully has had the honor of being selected for the documentary “Momento a la Shoa”. Her original and emotive voice carries these delicate Yidish songs in a way only Zully can do. Her artistic expression comes through simply and beautifully.